The global awareness towards Olive Oil consumption health benefits together with the largely unknown to consumers world of olive oil production and handling, motivated us to bring forth, as the representatives of a nation with long standing legacy in olive oil production, the truths and realities of present and the potential and possibilities of the future for this outstanding product.

Apart from theory and evidence, we decided to go forth with actual implementation and establishing a really successful brand embodying the characteristics we want our product from Greece to have.

In this way we want to show to consumers and everybody else, not only how it should be done, but also that it can be done.

The starting point, is how would we make a product as unique and perfect as possible with existing means of production, by rearranging every important detail, being able to include all positive attributes of olive oil in such a product.

Of course, this product should be delivered to appropriate economics and price, reflecting its value and innovative existence, being an elegant food item of excellence.