Greece is blessed for many things as a country.

It’s Agricultural sector is one of its blessings, by worldwide recognition and standard.

Our raw matter for trial and experiment, is our home land in central Greece, an area with long tradition in olive oil production, but not a commercialized production area like Crete or Kalamata, and with a very distinctive, yet unexploited variety of olive trees, namely the Koutsourelia variety, easily found in all the district of Aitoloakarnania and Patras area.

We decided to be the first integrated company to plan and implement an innovative production plan by commercializing and branding the distinctive features of our area variety and simultaneously exhibit an absolutely controlled and product friendly production way.

People usually say, that Greece or Italy or Spain “have” the best olive oil in the world.

This saying is far from truth and reality.

The only thing these countries share are very good conditions for olive oil trees growth. The only way to have good olive oil, is if you produce it correctly, otherwise you only have the potential of good olive oil, which is wasted or saved depending on the method of cultivation, picking, transportation, pressing, storing, filtering and bottling. Al these things make a great olive oil, if the potential exists.

Therefore, each production year, nothing is fixed for perfection or uniqueness unless, the process of the production cycle is implemented carefully in detail and correctly up to the last step of bottling.

This truth, which is so much forgotten between producers and consumers we want to highlight both by saying and by actively implementing with the actual results of our product.

Therefore, the production process of Olive Oil (from tree to bottle) is the most important thing to be cared for, and this is where we invested in knowhow and machinery and process planning, being integrated from tree to bottle leaving no risk or third party to get involved in the fulfillment or our vision.